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Warwickshire Lavendar Farm
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    There are numerous benefits that reforestation projects here in the UK have. They range from, removing carbon from the atmosphere, to enhancing the air we breath and the quality of it for future generations through to reducing the risk of flooding during heavy downpours. Our partners, Protect Earth work with local communities, landowners, developers and local authorities to plant native trees and wild flower meadows to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes to all of the above stakeholders.
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Project details

Warwickshire Lavendar Farm is a beautiful farm on the edge of countryside, and a Bubbenhall village in Warwickshire. This land was about to be sold to a housing developer, but the new owners managed to grab the land last minute to protect it, giving this unproductive farm a new lease of life growing and processing lavender into natural products. Protect Earth will be planting 1.5 acres of unused field this winter, and we’ll also plant one acre of wildflower meadow in spring as the autumn planting window was missed.
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  • Site name: Warwickshire Lavendar Farm

  • Location: Warwickshire

  • Project emissions reduction: 350 tonnes of carbon sequestered

  • Project length: 50 years

  • Accreditation: The Woodland Code

Risks: Our trees will need larger 1.2 meter tubes to keep the deer away, as there is now known deer stalking in the area, and budget will not allow for deer fencing around the new woodland areas.
Currently the project is with our ecologists, who will be inspecting for current habitats. There are various owls and a few badgers, so we don’t want to do anything that will mess with them. We are working on the woodland creation plan, which is a little more interesting than usual. This area is in a Nation Habitat Network ‘Fragmentation Action Zone’ - which relates to ‘Land immediately adjoining existing habitat patches that are small or have an excessive edge to area ratio where habitat creation is likely to help reduce the effects of habitat fragmentation’. This could mean the site is perfectly positioned to feed into the goals of defragmentation in the area, and we will cater the species selection and density to maximise benefits for the biodiversity of the area.

This project supports three SDG's

  • Green job creation
  • Wild flower meadows increase biodiversity
  • Carbon removal capabilities

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Each month you can automatically contribute to the worlds best climate projects. We offer reforestation projects, peatland restoration projects and regenerative agriculture offsets that improve soil carbon sequestration.

  • Climate Hero

    1 hectare of peatland restored & 12 native trees planted. This equates to 5 tonnes of Co2 removed (this is about half of the UK average carbon footprint per person per annum).
  • Climate Legend

    2 hectares of peatland restored & 24 native trees planted. This equates to 10 tonnes of Co2 removed (about the average carbon footprint of a UK citizen).
  • Climate Champion

    3 hectares of peatland restored & 36 native trees planted. This equates to 15 tonnes of Co2 removed (for an average person that also travels abroad more than twice a year).