Regeneration made easy.

Reewild enables responsible businesses and conscious consumers to track, reduce and remove Co2 emissions, all in one app. 

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We empower you to mitigate the affects of climate change.

How It Works

Look out for our carbon e-receipts at partnered retailers.

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    Sign up

    Create your account with us to get instant access to our app from both mobile and/or web.

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    Track your footprint

    Understand the impact your grocery shop has on the environment by using Reewild. 

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    Trace products

    Learn about your grocery products provenance and understand it's emmission source, from farm to fork.      

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    Reduce your footprint

    Identify carbon intensive products from your transactions, and be inspired to seek out low impact or regenerative products.

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    Climate solutions

    Select certified carbon removal projects from our partners and live carbon neutral as you spend. 

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    Get rewards 😍

    Receive exclusive personalised offers from our responsible producers.

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    Measure your impact 🌍

    Understand and visualise the positive impacts that you have on the enviroment. Share this amoungst your network for even greater impact.

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Together we can build a wilder and more sustainable future.

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Put the finest climate solutions on autopilot

Each month you can automatically contribute to the worlds best climate projects. We offer reforestation projects, peatland restoration projects and regenerative agriculture offsets that improve soil carbon sequestration.

  • Climate Hero

    1 hectare of peatland restored & 12 native trees planted. This equates to 5 tonnes of Co2 removed (this is about half of the UK average carbon footprint per person per annum).
  • Climate Legend

    2 hectares of peatland restored & 24 native trees planted. This equates to 10 tonnes of Co2 removed (about the average carbon footprint of a UK citizen).
  • Climate Champion

    3 hectares of peatland restored & 36 native trees planted. This equates to 15 tonnes of Co2 removed (for an average person that also travels abroad more than twice a year).

Our Partners

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Let's reewild the planet together!