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Uncover the environmental impact of everyday products and discover greener alternatives.

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Ever wondered if the food you buy is good or bad for the planet? Unsure which companies are actually taking climate action seriously?
We're here to provide that clarity. 💪
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Understanding the exact carbon footprint of individual products helps consumers and businesses to make more sustainable decisions.
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Knowing how to reduce your personal carbon footprint, or that of your business, is the first step toward a more sustainable system.
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Certain emissions are unavoidable. We help you limit your negative climate impact by investing in certified carbon removal projects.

How it works

Monitor your carbon footprint, and learn how to reduce and remove it, all in one app.

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The Wild Hare Group's journey to Climate Transparency

"We’ve always put sustainability at the heart of what we do, but we were lacking a credible way of calculating and displaying the carbon footprint of our products.  

Thanks to Reewild, we now know the exact emissions generated by each of our items throughout their entire life cycle, from farm to fork. Armed with this information we've been able to significantly reduce our impact by, for instance, switching to traditional UK grains that require 50% less water than commercial wheat. And we’ve even gone carbon neutral, by investing in Reewild’s carbon removal projects. 

Consumers deserve to know the impact the products they buy have on the planet - we're delighted to now be able to provide them with that transparency."

Dominie Fearn - Wild Hare Group, CEO

Our community's impact 🌍

We're just getting started. Help us be the change we need.
  • 50k tonnes of C02e tracked
    Our technology automatically tracks over 175kg of CO2e every week.
  • 90k trees planted
    Our community has funded over 90k trees both here in the UK and abroad.
  • 30k tonnes of C02e removed
    Our projects have removed and locked away over 30k tonnes of CO2.

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