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Urban eco planet

Our Principles

These are what our community stand for.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is key to everything we do.
  • Accountability

    We are responsible for the products we consume and the impact it has on our environment.
  • Trust

    In a world of increasing misinformation, truth is our ultimate resource.
  • Impact

    We know the power of our community can have the impact needed to bring about positive change.
We ensure you have the greatest climate impact possible.

Transparent climate pledges

The climate crisis is too big an issue for any one person to solve. Thats why we've created a business model that's accessible for brands and consumers to scale climate solutions. 10% goes towards running the company admin and supporting our fantastic team members. And then we spend 20% of your subscription on marketing Reewild to other potential users so that we reach more people. This is good news for you and our community. It allows us to achieve economies of scale on the price of Co2, for example we can plant more trees for the same price if we can guarantee our projects the payments in advance. Meaning your money goes further than if you were to support as an individual. Thus, having a greater impact.

Here is the breakdown

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Our technology supports five of the UN sustainable development goals

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Let's reewild the world together!

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