How It Works

Look out for our carbon e-receipts at partnered retailers.

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    Sign up

    Create your account with us to get instant access to our app from both mobile and/or web.

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    Track your footprint

    Understand the impact your grocery shop has on the environment by using Reewild. 

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    Trace products

    Learn about your grocery products provenance and understand it's emmission source, from farm to fork.      

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    Reduce your footprint

    Identify carbon intensive products from your transactions, and be inspired to seek out low impact or regenerative products.

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    Climate solutions

    Select certified carbon removal projects from our partners and live carbon neutral as you spend. 

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    Get rewards 😍

    Receive exclusive personalised offers from our responsible producers.

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    Measure your impact 🌍

    Understand and visualise the positive impacts your having on the enviroment. Share this amoungst your network for even greater impact.

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