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Our mission

The food and agriculture industry is at the heart of the climate crisis, generating around a third of man-made greenhouse emissions. And while the challenge of reducing its impact may seem beyond our grasp, it is one that we all have the power to tackle. 

We believe that the solution lies in climate transparency. That’s why we’re equipping businesses with the means to evaluate and communicate the emissions of their products. This in turn provides consumers with credible, independent information, that can be used to make more sustainable choices.

Many people want to take climate action but lack the tools and information to do so. We're confident that, armed with the right knowledge, everyone can and will do their bit to build a greener, more sustainable food system.

Meet the team

Unique backgrounds provide unique perspectives. We have expertise in climate change mitigation, environmental sciences, consumer goods, corporate comms, government strategy, engineering and technology.

  • Fred
    Freddie Lintell
    Founder & CEO
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    Rithin Chalumuri
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Ba
    Kit Nicholl
    Co-Founder & COO
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    Malavika Mahajan
    UI/UX Designer
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    Sorrell Cowen
    Sustainbility Analyst
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    Shankar Bandaru
    Software Engineering Intern
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    Spurthi Dantu
    Software Engineering Intern
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    Ashritha Annadata
    Software Engineering Intern
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    Kirill Bedenkov
    Founder's Associate
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    Zoe Kuipers
    PR & Marketing Advisor
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    Ilya Paveliev
    Product Advisor
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    Nicolas Defauw
    Consumer goods Advisor

Our Story

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    Lockdown limitations

    It was during the initial Covid lockdown, when we were all confined to our homes, that the idea for Reewild was first born. With nowhere to go and plenty of time to burn, our focus was firmly trained on two things: food and exercise.
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    Food + tracking =

    We were shopping local, taking time over our cooking and thinking more about the quality and sustainability of our food. To maintain a modicum of fitness, we also found ourselves pushing for a daily 10,000 steps on FitBit, striving to improve our 5K time on Strava, and (when successful) joyously sharing it with friends and family.
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    Then, the lightbulb moment: millions of people like us were seeking to eat more sustainably, while millions more were finding inspiration and motivation in using apps to track exercise and consumption in their lives. So why not combine the two: a tracking app to eat greener and lower your impact on the planet.
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    Wheels in motion

    After some research it became clear that there was significant appetite amongst consumers for more environmental impact information, while certain forward-thinking food brands and retailers were already responding by calculating and displaying the footprint of their products.
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    University of Cambridge

    So Freddie headed off to enrol in the Business and Climate Change towards Net Zero Emissions course at the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership. After completing the course, and focussing his efforts on using AI to decarbonise retailers' supply chains, the stage was set.
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    Reewild is born

    We assembled a lean and mean team, and we set about building and testing our product. With strong early demand for the platform, we established key strategic partnerships across the entire value chain, from carbon calculation specialists to sustainable producers and brands.
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    The road ahead

    Today, we help dozens of partners to go ‘climate transparent’ and our platform is free to use for any consumer, empowering them to track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. But there is still plenty of work to do. We're only just getting started and would love you to join the journey – sign up below and join our mission to build a greener food system for all!
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