We are on a mission.

We're here to turbocharge your carbon positive journey.

We want to improve biodiversity and sequester carbon in our fight against climate change.

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We built Reewild to connect conscious consumers and responsible brands. 

Climate action, one bite at a time.

The food and agriculture industry is at the heart of the climate crisis. How to feed the world’s population without destroying the earth is truly the issue of our time. Thankfully though, this also means the food industry has a significant role in providing a genuine solution. Millions of people want to take action on the climate crisis. This is why we created Reewild, to connect responsible brands and consumers. Everybody eats food, therefore, everybody can take action, one bite at a time.

Meet the team

Unique backgrounds provide unique perspectives. We have expertise in climate change mitigation, environmental sciences, consumer goods, corporate communications, engineering and technology.

  • Fred
    Freddie Lintell
    Founder & CEO
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    Rithin Chalumuri
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Ba
    Kit Nicholl
    Co-Founder & COO
  • Kitty
    Kitty Froggatt
    Cheif Scientifc advisor
  • Profile images 18
    Sorrell Cowen
    Sustainbility Analyst
  • 7
    Zoe Kuipers
    Fashion & PR Specialist
  • 9
    Ilya Paveliev
  • 6
    Nicolas Defauw
    Consumer goods strategist

Our Story

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    University of Cambridge

    Reewild was founded by Freddie Lintell after completing the inaugural Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions course at the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Freddie's project focused on using AI to decarbonise retailers supply chains.
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    Launching Reewild

    Freddie quickly saw an opportunity to implement his learnings with brand and retail partners. He set about finding the right team and not long after, Reewild was born.
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    Strategic Partnerships

    Once the team was formed, they began building and testing their product. After experiencing early demand for their platform the team established key strategic partnerships across the entire value chain. Reewild now has commercial partnerships with numerous brand and retail partners. The platform is accessible to any consumer, food brand or retailer.
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    The Road Ahead

    We're on a mission to Reewild the world one payment at a time. We're just getting started and would love you to join the journey, the world quite literally needs you. Sign up to the app, there's no time to waste.
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