What people say about us

  • "Integrating our Shopify web shop with the Reewild tracking system was simple and effective, we've already seen a strong ROI and increase in customer retention. Collaboration like this is vital in our journey to a net zero economy. We're proud to partner with Reewild and I would highly recommend them to any other business in our sector. It's exciting to be part of a movement that can have a significant impact on our environment."
    Edward Faulkner - Sapling Spirits, Founder
  • “The Reewild partnership is tremendously exciting for Harvest Bundle, we see enormous potential going forward. As we scale, our core focus as a business over the next few years is to build digital loyalty with our customers, the Reewild app will help us do exactly that. And, in the process, we will be helping restore our soils. It was an obvious win-win for us, and the environment. We look forward to inspiring our largely millennial customer base.”
    Ben White-Hamilton - Harvest Bundle, Founder & CEO
  • “What’s key about Reewild is the minutiae of its tracking. It fully itemises the carbon output, which means consumers can get a true appreciation of where carbon is being used and what they can do to improve. It’s an approach that fits perfectly with what we’re trying to do at the Wild Hare. Freddie and the team have been a pleasure to work with from day one and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.”
    Dominie Fearn - The Wild Hare Group, Founder & CEO
  • "Fantastic app to help our customers see their environmental impact and how much carbon they are saving by offsetting via Reewild. Highly recommend for easy implementation and customer engagement as a climate-friendly brand. The team are quick to respond and very helpful."
    Victoria Poon - Alpaca Coffee, Founder & CEO
  • "Reewild helped us get accredited for the trees that we have planted. They provided a great service in determining a carbon rating score for each of our products too, enabling us to make certified green claims".
    Flavio Moutinho - Beeble

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