UK’s first net-zero carbon ready meal range on course to be launched to market

published on 30 November 2021

A partnership between a sustainable food provider and a specialist carbon tracking start-up is seeking to bring the UK’s first net-zero carbon ready meal to market, in a bid to help environmentally conscious consumers enjoy healthy, convenient food – safe in the knowledge it has minimal carbon impact.

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The ready meal range is produced by the Wild Hare Group using high-quality, fresh, nutritious British grown ingredients, which are all of a sustainable origin – with practically all of the ingredients traceable and transparent, with provenance at the heart of the supply chain.

Consisting of a range of options to suit multiple tastes, the Wild Hare Group’s initial offering includes chicken dhal, butternut squash curry, cheesy roasted broccoli & cauliflower, Shepherd’s Pie and more – with all options created using a sustainable supply chain, which is then offset with the aim of achieving net zero carbon.

With a product offering built on sustainability, the Wild Hare Group is moving towards being able to trace each stage of production, which will allow it to ensure carbon is either balanced or eliminated, to achieve carbon neutrality across a transparent food chain.

The partnership with Reewild will help the Wild Hare Group to highlight the carbon credentials of its ready meals to a consumer market, with Reewild’s carbon tracking app making it easy for consumers to track and subsequently offset their carbon footprint. It enables them to calculate their carbon output nominally and look at objectives to offset any carbon footprint they incur, while a detailed analysis of the supply chain will also help Wild Hare to achieve net zero carbon.

As part of its processes, The Wild Hare Group champions regenerative agriculture, which sees it incorporate ingredients that have been designed to minimise carbon output. For instance, Wild Hare’s products use traditional UK grains that require 50% less water than commercial wheat, and this is supplemented by offering soil audits to ensure ongoing fertility while monitoring nutrients. Further along the chain, other sustainable approaches such as not using plastic packaging helps to enhance the environmental positives.

Dominie Fearn, who has a 20-year career in sustainability and is the founder of the Wild Hare Group, said: “We’re enormously excited to partner with Reewild, which will help us along the path to being able to bring the UK’s first range of net zero carbon ready meals to the consumer market. Since its formation, The Wild Hare Group has strived continuously for unrivalled transparency and product traceability – all while promoting British farmers and growers. Our partnership with Reewild is the next step on the path to achieving true carbon neutrality.”

Reewild, launched in 2021, is currently in a beta format and has built technology that enables customers to instantly track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. With the click of a button, Reewild’s technology simply outlines itemised carbon scores throughout a product’s life cycle. This allows the customer to immediately offset their exact carbon footprint by supporting nature-based solutions, such as tree planting and restoring peatlands.

The Wild Hare Group is now offering its retail partners the opportunity to integrate with Reewild, giving them a unique retail experience via Reewild's carbon scoring and tracking app. The technology, an industry first, allows both the brand, retailer and consumer to become carbon neutral or go climate positive.

The Wild Hare Group will be working in conjunction with Reewild to help further promote its suppliers’ provenance, brand and, in particular, its sustainable practices.

Freddie Lintell, founder of Reewild, said: “The partnership is tremendously exciting for us and we see enormous potential going forward. Our mission as a business is to help facilitate the transition towards the net zero economy for our brand and retail partners.”

He added: “Transparency and collaboration will be key on the road to zero emissions. Offering product level carbon scores not only helps build trust with consumers but our technology helps drive digital loyalty between our partners and their customers.  As we build out our technology we hope to collaborate with many other brands and retailers.”

Dominie Fearn added: “What’s key about Reewild is the minutiae of its tracking. It fully itemises the carbon output, which means consumers can get a true appreciation of where carbon is being used and what they can do to improve. It’s an approach that fits perfectly with what we’re trying to do at Wild Hare.”

The Wild Hare Group meals are stocked by the likes of Whole Foods, Selfridges London, Tebay Services, Burford Garden Centre and more, with online ordering also available via Weezy throughout London, Brighton and Bristol, as well as a new direct to consumer partnership with Root to Market in Edinburgh. For more information on The Wild Hare Group, please visit:

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